• Siemens develops electric Motors for Aircrafts with Magnetics for NX


  • Iron Loss Models - Based on Steinmetz Equation allows to precisely calculate Losses.

  • General Motion Solve - Method for Analysis of Step by Step Motion. For Rotation and Translation.

  • Teamcenter Integration - Use of the new Teamcenter for Simulation Data Model.

  • Next Usermeeting - 07.-08. June 2016 in Seeheim Jugenheim near Darmstadt

  • Full Wave Analysis included

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Complete NX Integration

Integrated Multiphysics Simulation

MAGNETICS for NX is a complete FEM simulation-software package to solve electromagnetic analysis problems. It is fully integrated in the Siemens NX™ software system and allows the designer and analyst to use the same software environment as he already does for structural-, flow-, thermal-, or motion-analysis as well as for CAD/CAM/PDM.

Material libraries, meshing techniques, CAD geometry preparation, selection techniques, assembly methods, all this is perfectly familiar to users of the NX system. But even for newcomers of NX these things are not hard to learn.

Also this allows easily coupling the solvers and using output from one as input for another one. 

Of course similar to all other NX data the MAGNETICS data can be stored in the Teamcenter database.

Fully Electromagnetic

Broad Range of Applications

A well prepared set of solution sequences contains the full range of electromagnetic application cases: Electrostatics, Magnetostatics, Magnetodynamics, DC Conduction as well as Full Wave High Frequency solutions.

Field of electric motor

Servo Motor Siemens 1FT6. Fluxdensity

The software allows you to solve a broad range of applications. Nevertheless even very special problems can be solved because of the open architecture. All this can be done in 2D or 3D and it allows solving all the range

  • from 1D to 3D models,
  • from linear to nonlinear problems,
  • from static to dynamic problems,
  • from single physical models to coupled ones.

Open Interfaces

User customizable Physics

A unique programing language for FEM allows the advanced user to control and develop his own physical formulations, solution processes and postprocessing formulas. 

The Solver Architecture uses an extended version of GetDP (General Environment for the Treatment of Discrete Problems). This software contains code developed by Christophe Geuzaine and Patrick Dular, University of Liege.